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RDRAC9KS2PServer - Fixed server memory leak that could occur after enabling Single Sign on.
NLUAC8FA64Server - Fixed an issue where SMIME processing could crash when reading signed SMIME mail.
SRAOC9QFZB Server - HTTP Server - Fixed an http server crash in SetVaultedUserID
MSKACASL9LServer - Security - ID Vault - Fixed an issue where ID vault refresh was not updating ID in Vault. This regression was introduced in...
RPAICBALWVServer - Convert Qvault tool -p to a Notes.ini enabled feature to control ID file options - check Rename/Recert/KeyRollover
SMOYC8W8AFServer - Security - Fixed an issue with IdP configuration where TrustedSite URL in the ipdcat was adding an additional "https://" to the trusted...
MSKACC5KA8Server - Security - ID Vault - Fixed a server crash that could occur if an error is hit while processing an ID vault ID file merge. This regression...
MSKAC9PQRZServer - ID Vault - Fix an issue where Administrator was failing to upload a user ID file to a Vault that the Administrator is not configured...
SPPPCBVMA6Server - Security - Fixed an issue where the MFA setup page was not redirecting to the user's mail file after clicking the “Done” button. Instead it...
MSKACD3QQZServer - ID Vault - Fixed an issue where server console command show IDVaults was displaying the wrong Administration Server for the ID Vault from...
RRMUCDGGT3Server - ID Vault - Added a new Notes.ini - SUPPRESS_IDFILE_BACKUP_LOGMSG - off by default - to allow customer to suppress a debug message printed in...
UMAKCBYFPSServer - IMAP - Fixed an issue where the server would crash after the IMAP task was loaded when SSL was enabled. This regression was introduced in...
MSKAC86N3CiNotes - Fixed an issue where a deleted internet would reappear for vaulted Notes ID. This regression was introduced in 12.0.1.
DNADCAYJTMClient - Security - Fixed an issue where Certificate Import Dialog - Advanced Details - was showing OID number instead of text for algorithm...
RDRACBMK4VAdmin Client - ID Vault - Fixed an issue where the mail forwarding addresses of administrators will not be used in the ID Vault UI where the list of...
MSKACFSSC2Server - Security - Fixed an issue where SAML was being enabled for non-SAML enabled web sites in some instances.


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